How To INSTANTLY Jump Higher…

Is it really possible to instantly jump higher?

Short answer – YES.

Here’s the deal…

There Are Really Only Two Ways To Increase Your Vertical Jump:

  1. Do plyometrics and/or lift weights
  2. Analyze and correct your jump technique

As basketball players we commonly approach the goal of dunking by attacking #1 with a head full of steam…

…But what about #2 – Jump Technique?

Has your coach ever watched you jump and fixed your improperly planted takeoff foot? Or told you to get to the balls of your feet faster?

Probably not.

In fact – they might’ve even pointed you to the nearest squat rack to hit the weights.

But When You Look At Olympic High Jumpers What Do You See?

…Thick, strong legs that resemble someone who’s LIVED in the weight room?


…A slim and springy athlete who can explode up and over the bar with ease?

(Hint: You see someone who’s perfected their jump technique and is jumping at or ABOVE their vertical jump potential!)

So Why Don’t More Basketball Players Focus On Jumping BETTER To Improve Their Dunking?

After all – the best athletes in the NBA all jump extremely well…

Guys like Russell Westbrook:

And Lebron James…

Do you think they’ve ever analyzed their jump technique and movement efficiency?

You bet.

In fact…

Rumor has it that in the 2000 Sydney Olympics Vince Carter (arguably top 3 dunkers of all time) was watching the High Jump event on television when he turned to his mother and said how amazed he was at how HIGH the athletes jumped.

The next day – he went out and did this:

FACT: Correcting Your Jump Technique Is The Fastest Way On The Planet To Explode Your Vertical Jump

Now don’t get me wrong – plyometrics and lifting weights do work… it’s just that they take time.

In order for you to Instantly Jump Higher (we’re talking sometimes 6-8 inches overnight – yes, overnight) you need to use what your body already has inside of you.

In today’s video we go over exactly that – your jump technique as it applies to your last two steps…

…By making some very simple changes – you can instantly increase your vert.

Check it out here:

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