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Cutting Edge Online Basketball Training

THINCPRO Basketball was built to provide professional level online training resources to athletes that are hungry and committed to changing their game.

We work exclusively with some of the best athletes and coaches in the world to assemble training programs and resources that give you EXACTLY what you’ll need to excel and reach your full potential.

We are real basketball players that have walked through the fire, past the burning wreckage of failed hoop dreams, and know what goes into building an elite level player.

At THINCPRO Basketball We Are:

  • Trainers With Professional Basketball Experience (NCAA, FIBA, NBA)
  • Trainers With Professional Strength And Conditioning Specialist Certifications (CSCS)
  • Trainers With Professional Player Develoment Backgrounds

"Changing Lives By Teaching The Value Of Discipline Through Attention To Detail and Hard Work"

Here’s Why Your Current Basketball Training Is Holding You Back...

Old school training has probably had you hopelessly launching around 300-500 shots a day... all while mixing in a couple random ball-handling drills paired with some standard finishes at the rim.

FACT - this is NOT what’s going to get you better.

Do you really think this is what the pro’s use to fine-tune their skills on the court?

No. And neither should you.

Instead of aimlessly lobbing up shots and tiring yourself out with hopes that you got better, follow a structured and proven training program that has produced results in thousands of athletes worldwide.

Responsive Adaptation Basketball Training

By using what we like to call Responsive Adaptation Training Techniques you’re going to use what the pro’s have known about for years (without the hefty price tag that comes with it!).

Combine the power of intense, game-specific training, with highly effective mind-body training routines and you have a potent formula to produce dramatic and visible results in your performance on the court.

For the first time ever, we’ve taken these little-known concepts and integrated them directly into our easy to follow online training system that has now successfully been used by thousands of athletes in 69 countries worldwide.

Here's What Some Of Our Athletes Are Saying:

  • Before THINCPRO I was tall but unathletic. In 7th grade I was the last man off the bench and had a little more playing time in 8th grade. During the summer going into 9th grade I found the THINCPRO program and went on to start JV my freshman year and people started to recognize me who I had never talked to before. There is a lot of information online that gives tips for basketball, but THINCPRO is absolutely the real deal and I have recommended it to several friends and teammates who also saw their game improve. THINCPRO has improved my game infinitely. (Individual Results May Vary. Results are based on one’s adherence to the program, diet, and exercise requirements.)
    Ben Batista Ben Batista Chagrin Falls, OH, USA
  • Before THINCPRO I was just an average basketball player at my school. My basketball game used to be inconsistent, like sometimes I felt like I was in the zone, sometimes I felt like the ball was really heavy. After THINCPRO I went from a bench warmer to averaging 16 points a game against seniors in high school! (Individual Results May Vary. Results are based on one’s adherence to the program, diet, and exercise requirements.)
    Haysen Cheng Haysen Cheng Hong Kong, China
  • I'm a small guard that most people overlook and don't see playing at the next level. Like most people, I was very hesitant to purchase a product from THINCPRO because there are so many scams on the internet. I just want to say that THINCPRO has transformed my life. I read the e-mails every day, and I've learned that if I'm slacking off, someone is working harder. I would recommend THINCPRO to a friend 10/10 times! (Individual Results May Vary. Results are based on one’s adherence to the program, diet, and exercise requirements.)
    Alex Forte Alex Forte Hoffman Estates, IL, USA

Meet Coach Adam Folker, CSCS

Widely considered as a premier basketball trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist, Adam Folker has trained athletes from the NBA, NCAA, high school and middle school levels.

After a career ending knee injury during his first season as a professional basketball player, Adam shifted his focus and channeled his first hand playing experience and burning passion for player development towards helping young athletes develop their game and get noticed.

His basketball training philosophy is now followed by over 163,456 athletes worldwide and was used to transform his own game from being a bench warmer in high school to leading the country in scoring and landing a full ride NCAA Division 1 scholarship.

Adam now travels the world conducting basketball clinics and motivational speaking engagements to help empower and encourage youth towards their goals.

At THINCPRO Basketball We’re Different - We Actually Do This Stuff!

We know just how many companies there are online and in the real world pedaling basketball training without the slightest clue whether it actually works or not... and we know first hand what it feels like to fall victim and be sold on them.

We are real players and coaches with real experience - no fluffy stuff here. Our training comes from first hand playing and coaching experience and has been brutally tested and proven to work with youth all the way up to the pro’s.

No gimmicks. Only results.

We’re proud of our players and what the THINCPRO Family represents. We maintain 100% transparency and base our success on the success of our athletes worldwide.